Workshop Kit – Thinking the GDPR in the user experience


This kit is a methodology to facilitate workshops for imagining creative implementations of various GDPR concepts within the user journey of a service or product. It is to be used in order to:

  • facilitate collaborative work between different expertise (design, legal, technical…);
  • find creative and user-friendly solutions to implement the concepts of the GDPR, such as people’s information, consent and the exercise of rights, in the user experience of an existing, or in the process of being created, service or product;
  • raise awareness in teams and individuals about the role of design in the proper implementation of some of the GDPR’s concepts.

This kit results from a series of Données & Design workshops conducted between May and September 2019 during which the method was tested with the participants. Their feedback have been integrated in order to improve it.

All documents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY). You can re-use them but also modify them to suit your specific needs as long as you credit the original kit.

Hosting the workshop

The workshop comprises two stages:

  1. context step : this step aims to define a user profile and lay the foundation for the service or product addressed to her in order to create a coherent context from which to develop a user journey and think about the implementation of GDPR concepts in it. It is possible to either invent an entirely fictitious context or use elements already available to you in the case of an existing service or product. The pre-defined user profiles, available for download below, can also be used.
  2. user journey step : this step aims to create the user journey of the product or service from the context defined previously. It focuses on developing a specific moment in the user journey relying on several canvas and on GDPR cards, available to download below.sed.

Assets to download

Données & Design par LINC