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Co-building user journeys compliant with the GDPR and respectful of privacy.

Design in the GDPR

A design approach to the regulation by looking at the GDPR key concepts that can be engaged by designers.

Practical examples

Be inspired by case studies, co-constructed with the community, to implement GDPR key concepts in your digital services and products.

Stay informed

All the news on the activities of Data&Design to always be aware of the latest publications and know our next events to meet us.

A platform to:

Get inspired

A set of examples and case studies are available on this website. Without being 100% compliant ready to use kits applicable to all situations, they can be used as inspiration to create interfaces and user journeys that respect your users’ personal data and privacy.

Find the right tools

To support the implementation of the different GDPR requests, this website offers design toolboxes and methods to create interfaces that respect personal data. These resources do not claim to replace those of the CNIL site or of other GDPR compliance professionals, but to complete them.


Putting a community committed to these issues at the heart of its approach, this website promotes everyone’s ideas and work. Moving away from an exhaustive charter of rules to be strictly followed, Data & Design wants to show different possible solutions to set up a GDPR principle, each specific to a given context of use.

Upcoming event

For designing privacy

Wednesday 19 February 2020 at 6:00pm – Auditorium, Cité du design St Etienne

A talk on the issues surrounding design and privacy seen through the work made on Data&Design.


(fr) Interview with Rose Dumesny: making data perceivable

As an invisible material, data can appear obscure and inacessible. Designer Rose Dumesny questions this supposed opacity through her projects, using design as a practice of mediation and deconstruction of technology.

(fr) Dark patterns : which regulating perspectives?

Deceptive design being increasingly brought to the public attention, the question of its regulation arise.

Shaping Choices

A report exploring the challenges related to the design of digital services in the light of data and freedom protection.

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