External resources

This page centralises resources allowing to deepen one’s knowledge on data protection issues.


  • (fr) Good habits for data protection cnil.fr


  • (fr) How to inform data subjects and guarantee transparency? cnil.fr
  • (fr) Examples of information notices d’information – cnil.fr
  • (fr) How to gather data subjects’ consent cnil.fr


  • (fr) Website, cookies and other trackerscnil.fr

Exercise of rights

  • (fr) Rights to control your data cnil.fr
  • (fr) What is the right of access? cnil.fr
  • (fr) Direct right of access cnil.fr
  • (fr) Indirect right of access cnil.fr
  • (fr) Right ro rectification cnil.fr
  • (fr) Right to restriction cnil.fr
  • (fr) Right to data portability cnil.fr
  • (fr) Right to human intervention cnil.fr
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